Computed tomography (CT)

Non-destructive 3D characterization

Using Computed Tomography to investigate internal sample structure

Computed Tomography (CT) allows researchers to generate 3D images of samples such as pharmaceutical formulations, thinly sliced geological or building materials samples and other X-ray transparent materials. The fundamental principle behind computed tomography is the acquisition of multiple radiographs of an object over a range of angular orientations. This series of radiographs, measured with an area detector, are then used to generate a 3D image by volumetric reconstruction. In general, any sample that can fit entirely within the field of view of the detector, and can be penetrated by X-rays in all directions perpendicular to the rotational axis, can be imaged in this way.

X-ray Computed Tomography solutions

Empyrean is the only multipurpose laboratory XRD diffractometer that also performs x-ray computed tomography measurements. This is possible thanks to our prefix optics and high performance hybrid pixel detectors.

Empyrean range

Empyrean range

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