ASD pioneered the science of field spectroscopy over 25 years ago and continues to lead the industry with the world's most trusted field-portable UV/Vis/NIR/SWIR spectroradiometers covering the full solar reflected spectrum.

The ASD FieldSpec 4 line of full-range spectroradiometers delivers the fastest and most accurate spectral field measurements available from any commercial field-portable spectroradiometer. Continued enhancements to core instrument spectrometers and other critical components have dramatically improved overall performance, signal, and integration speeds compared to earlier models.

ASD FieldSpec 4 spectroradiometers are designed specifically around the challenges researchers face when collecting spectral measurements in the field.

Which ASD FieldSpec spectroradiometer model is best suited for my application?

All ASD FieldSpec spectroradiometers provide 3 nm spectral resolution in the VNIR (350 nm – 1000 nm) range. Four spectral resolution options are available for the SWIR (1001 nm – 2500 nm) range:

ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG Spectroradiometer 
6 nm enhanced SWIR spectral resolution to support the next generation of multi and hyperspectral airborne sensors.

ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res Spectroradiometer 
8 nm SWIR spectral resolution for accommodating geological studies and atmospheric research.

ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res Spectroradiometer
10 nm SWIR resolution is well suited to characterize spectral resolutions of 10 nm to 50 nm to cover the technical requirements of most field researchers. 

ASD FieldSpec 4 Wide–Res Spectroradiometer
30 nm SWIR resolution offers a cost effective solution and is ideal for applications characterized by broad spectral features, like vegetation analysis.

The ASD FieldSpec 4 leaves the factory floor capable of collecting reflectance, transmittance and absorption measurements.  ASD FieldSpec instruments can also be calibrated as a spectroradiometer, for precise radiance and irradiance measurements.  A wide variety of accessories are available to provide accurate contact or stand-off spectrum collection for any kind of analysis needs.

In order to better accommodate the variability of spectral reflectance characteristics of different materials, the ASD FieldSpec 4 is also available in visible near infrared models (VNIR-only; 325-1075 nm) as an ultra-portable hand-held: 

ASD FieldSpec HandHeld 2: VNIR Handheld Spectroradiometer 
Low cost, easy to use, versatile and durable for accurate analysis.

ASD FieldSpec HandHeld 2 Pro: VNIR Handheld Spectroradiometer
Offers greater sensitivity and faster collection rates over the standard HandHeld 2.