Better analytical results can be obtained by using the Claisse M4 fusion instrument since it is known for its fast and superior homogenization of the melt. Its uniform heating leads to highly reproducible results and all its fusion parameters can be modified in order to obtain the desired fusion conditions.

High Analytical Performance

  • Inter-burner repeatability at each fusion cycle
  • Stable oxidizing flames leading to excellent repeatability
  • High accuracy
  • Consistent temperature and flame control

Programmable Fusion Parameters  

  • Gas flow
  • Duration
  • Mixing speed and amplitude
  • Crucible angle
  • Agitation speed and angle
  • Cooling air flow
  • Magnetic stirring speed

Optimized method development  

Visualization of the entire fusion process to facilitate the method development.

Ultimate Safety

  • Fully automated pouring
  • No manipulation of hot vessels (cold-to-cold operation)
  • Automatic ignition and flame watching system
  • Safety cabinet