GPC and SEC Columns

GPC/SEC columns for all aqueous and organic applications

A wide range of columns for analytical GPC/SEC of synthetic and natural polymers and proteins.

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Malvern Panalytical offers a full range of analytical GPC/SEC columns for a wide range of applications and molecular weights. These include common column types for synthetic polymers in organic solvents as well as water soluble polymers (e.g. polysaccharides and DNA). Silica-based columns for separation of proteins are also available. Finally, Malvern Panalytical offers a range of speciality columns for running in polar solvents or with cationic polymers.

  • Styrene-divinyl benzene (SDVB) columns for organic soluble synthetic polymers
  • SDVB columns shipped in THF and DMF
  • Methacrylate columns for water soluble polymers and polysaccharides
  • Silica columns for separations of proteins
  • Columns for polymers soluble in polar solvents
  • Columns for strongly cationic samples such as chitosan
  • Single and mixed pore sizes to maximize molecular weight resolution or linearity
  • Guard columns for all applications

How it works

Polymer molecules dissolved in the mobile phase pass through the GPC/SEC column. As they move along the column, the sample molecules enter and leave pores in the column matrix. Larger molecules are excluded from more pores and thus travel faster through the column and elute sooner. Smaller molecules enter more pores and therefore progress is slower so they elute later.

Molecules are thus separated by their hydrodynamic size and measured by one or more detectors when they elute from the column.


Styrene-divinyl benzene (T-, D-series)

Column type Styrene-divinyl benzene (T-, D- series)
Applications Synthetic polymers
Shipping solvents THF, DMF
Exclusion limits

Exclusion limits (Da Polystyrene) 
Single-pore columns: 
1,500 (T-, D-1000)
5,000 (T-, D-2000)
20,000 (T-, D-2500)
70,000 (T-, D-3000)
400,000 (T-, D-4000)
4,000,000 (T-, D-5000)
20,000,000 (T-, D-6000)
200,000,000 (T-, D-7000)
General-purpose mixed-bed: 
20,000,000 (T-, D-6000M) 
Linear mixed-bed: 
70,000 (LT-3000L) 
400,000 (LT-4000L)
4,000,000 (LT-5000L)
20,000,000 (LT-6000L)
200,000,000 (LT-7000L)

Compatible solvents THF, Chloroform, Toluene, Xylene, Acetone, MEK, DMF, DMAc, HFIP, NMP, and others.  For a full list, request or download the manual.
Dimensions 300 mm x 8.0 mm

Polymethyl-methacrylate (A-series)

Column type Polymethyl-methacrylate (A-series)
Applications Water soluble polymers
Shipping solvents Water
Exclusion limits
Exclusion limits (Da Pullulan)
Single-pore columns:
4,000 (A2000)
10,000 (A2500)
100,000 (A3000)
1,000,000 (A4000)
4,000,000 (A5000)
20,000,000 (A6000)
500,000,000 (A7000)
General-purpose mixed-bed: 
20,000,000 (A6000M)
Compatible solvents Aqueous buffers with organic modifiers such as acetonitrile, methanol, DMF and DMSO.
Dimensions 300 mm x 8.0 mm

Silica (P-, PLS-series)

Column type Silica (P-, PLS-series)
Applications Proteins
Shipping solvents Water
Exclusion limits
Exclusion limits (Da Protein):
150k (P2500)
700k (P3000)
1,000k (P4000)
1,250k (PLS5030, PLS3030, PLS3030H)
Compatible solvents Aqueous buffers with organic modifiers such as acetonitrile, methanol and ethanol.
Dimensions 300 mm x 8.0 mm
pH range 3.0 – 7.5