4 – 20 mA Interface board (8 channels)

Efficient data transfer from Parsum probe to centralized control system.

Parsum’s optional 4-20 mA interface board streamlines the transfer of particle size data from the probe to a centralized control system, for automation or data display. Eight channels allow interfacing with four probes, each installed as far as 100 m away from the analyzer PC.

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Packed within a compact frame, the fully automated at-line measurement station promotes efficient process particle size analysis. A hopper, feeder device and vibrating chute efficiently transport samples to the measurement probe while air purging keeps inspection windows free from material build-up.

Operation requires a Parsum probe, computer with appropriate software and an air supply.

  • Robust and reliable feed system to transport sample to the measurement probe.
  • Air purge for long-term reliable operation with minimal maintenance and cleaning.
  • Suitable for use with either the IPP70-S or IPP70-SE enabling operation in zoned environments.

How it works

A measurement PC can be equipped with a maximum of two interface cards 4-20 mA for analogue data outputs and for start/stop control.

Each card has 8 channels which can be freely configured into the software.


Channels 8 channels All measurement Values can be assigned to each Channel (1…8), e.g. X50, X10, X90, Xxx, Sieve Fractions, Status Variables.
Probes 1 to 4.
Boards per PC Max 2.