At-line measurement station

At-line particle sizing for process applications.

Used in combination with Parsum IPP70-S or IPP70-SE probes, the at-line measurement station enables fast, efficient particle sizing of process samples in the laboratory or on the plant.

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Packed within a compact frame, the fully automated at-line measurement station promotes efficient process particle size analysis. A hopper, feeder device and vibrating chute efficiently transport samples to the measurement probe while air purging keeps inspection windows free from material build-up.

Operation requires a Parsum probe, computer with appropriate software and an air supply.

  • Robust and reliable feed system to transport sample to the measurement probe.
  • Air purge for long-term reliable operation with minimal maintenance and cleaning.
  • Suitable for use with either the IPP70-S or IPP70-SE enabling operation in zoned environments.

How it works

Sample is loaded into the feeder, where a small feeding device with VIBTRONIC controller and U-shaped vibrating chute, transfer it at a controlled flow rate into the hopper/downpipe. A pressure regulator and rotameter control the air purge that keeps the measurement window of the probe free from material build-up.

A Parsum probe (IPP70-S or IPP70-SE) mounted in the measurement station measures the sample as it flows through the downpipe. Analysis is fully automated with results displayed on the associated computer via proprietary software for the instrument.

Additional accessories such as scavenging cells, which improve sample containment, and in-line dispersion devices can be used with the at-line station. A vacuum cleaner may also be connected to the tube exit to control exhaustion and provide additional dispersion.


The atline particle measurement system IPP 70-S consists of:

  • The system frame.
  • The specimen feed device consisting of a U-shaped vibrating chute with orifice blade, small feeding device KF with VIBTRONIC controller (AViTEQ) and a hopper/downpipe combination with protecting tube.
  • Air supply unit for generating the purge air needed for keeping the inspection window free (consists of pressure regulator and rotameter).


Dimensions (W) 47 x (H) 45 x (D) 36 cm
System frame Aluminium profiles, anodized.
Vibrating chute U-shaped chute, high-grade steel.
Orifice plate 3mm hole, high-grade steel.
Vibrating conveyor KF 0.5 (from AViTEQ)
Controller VIBTRONIC SRA (from AViTEQ)
Hopper Polyethylene
Downpipe High-grade steel, D6x0.5 (inside diameter 5mm).
Protecting tube Acrylic glass D=50mm.
Pneumatic unit Max. 6bar, max. 10l/min.