Understand the material properties of pharmaceutical products with laser diffraction

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Understanding the relationship between the particle size of your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and other material properties can reveal a lot of valuable information about your drug product’s behavior. This includes solubility, polymorphic form, powder flow, dissolution and content uniformity.

In this webinar, preformulation expert Maria Sobusiak joins us to explore the analysis of material properties, methods of analysis and approaches for planning work schedules.

She will also show you:

  • How to support particle size analysis by laser diffraction with orthogonal techniques to uncover additional material properties
  • How to analyze published data to support particle size testing
  • How to connect the material properties of the API with the product behavior


  • Guest presented by: Maria Sobusiak - Senior Specialist
    Maria Sobusiak is Pre formulation Projects Senior Specialist, she is responsible for leading specialized research and development work. She currently focuses on the study of powder characteristics and particle size and shape assessment using laser diffraction methods. Maria also cooperates with the Medical University of Gdańsk and delivers training, workshops and webinars on the topic of particle size analysis.

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Who should attend? 

  • Pharmaceutical scientists working research and development
  • Pharmaceutical scientists responsible for method development
  • Pharmaceutical scientists working in pre formulation and formulation 

What will you learn? 

  • Understand what knowledge can be obtained from published literature
  • Understand how to ensure full control of API particle size during product development
  • Understand how particle size relates to different material properties 
  • Understand how to adjust your method of analysis to control differences between API batches