New Applications Lab Near Houston, Texas!

No one likes the moving process.  But when the result is a new lab it’s hard to complain!  After planning, construction, and settling in, much of which occurred (safely) during a global pandemic, Malvern Panalytical is excited to announce that we’ve recently opened a new applications lab in the Houston area!

Houston lab facing green wall wide

Where is it?

Being a part of the Spectris family has numerous benefits.  In the same way family members work together to help each other out, Spectris companies do the same; especially when it comes to office facilities.  For the location of the new applications lab in the Houston area, the choice was obvious: Servomex’s US Business Center in Sugar Land, TX, situated at 12300 Dairy Ashford Rd, Suite 400, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Why Houston?

As you can see from the map, this new applications lab is located just southwest of Houston, TX.  From here, we’re right next to the Energy Capital of the World and the Texas Medical Center – the “largest medical city in the world.”  In addition to serving local customers across all sectors, Houston is geographically situated as a natural gateway to our neighbors in Latin America. 

But most important was the opportunity to leverage the existing infrastructure offered by Servomex to the benefit of both companies. I was thrilled to hear that people on the Servomex side saw it that way, too:

Having another Spectris family member in our building provides a great chance to share synergies and showcase both operating companies’ products and capabilities to our customers.

Shelley Moore – Servomex US Business Center Site Lead and Head of Global Systems

What’s new?

New Houston Lab!

Servomex kindly permitted us to carve out just over 700 ft2 (65 m2) for our new lab which allows us to showcase our diverse product portfolio.  For example, The instrumentation present in the new Houston lab includes:

  • Aeris: benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) instrument for crystal structure determination
  • Epsilon 4: benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument for elemental analysis and quantification
  • Claisse LeNeo: borate fusion instrument to prepare samples for XRF, ICP, or AA analyses
  • Mastersizer 3000: laser diffraction for particle size measurements
  • Zetasizer Ultra: dynamic light scattering (DLS) unit for determining particle size and zeta potential
  • OMNISEC: advanced size exclusion chromatography (SEC) systems for comprehensive macromolecular characterization

That’s an impressive collection capable of supporting a wide range of applications! 

Come on by!

Whether it’s for a demo or you’re just in the Houston area, please contact us or email me ( to set up a visit.  Also, don’t forget – you can always schedule a remote demo to visit the lab no matter where you are!