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Epsilon 1 Lubricating oils

Easiest analysis of additives in lubricating oils

Looking for an easy and economical method for compliant analysis of additives in lubricating oils? Epsilon 1 is the ideal analytical solution. The system is pre-calibrated in the factory and is an out-of the-box solution with guaranteed performance in compliance with ASTM D6481. This method describes the testing for phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and zinc in unused lubricating oil by XRF.

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Epsilon 1 is a star-performing benchtop XRF instrument for the analysis of phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and zinc in unused lubricating oil in compliance with the latest ASTM D6481 test method. The repeatability for all four additives is well within the limits set by D6481.

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Maximum sensitivity

The thin window Ag anode X-ray tube, designed and manufactured by Malvern Panalytical, ensures high quality and sensitivity. The selection of Ag as anode material is ideal for the accurate quantification of phosphorus and sulfur without interference of possible line overlaps in the XRF spectrum, leading to more reliable results. The 50 kV X-ray tube and generator is ideal for exciting higher-energy elements like zinc, resulting in faster analysis times.
Maximum sensitivity

Self-contained system

A built-in computer running Microsoft Windows 7 with powerful CPU and 120 GB hard drive ensures flexibility to store and handle thousands of results. The high-resolution, 10.4” LCD touch screen is ideal for easy walk-up operation.
Self-contained system

Easy communication

USB and network connections for standard computer peripherals support extended use, application development, and seated operator.

Easy communication

Spillage protection

A spillage protection foil is in place to shield the delicate heart of the system. In case of spillage, the foil can be replaced easily by the operator.

Spillage protection


Sample handlingX-ray tubeDetectorSoftware features
Highly repeatable sample positioningHigh-stability ceramic side windowHigh-resolution, typical 135 eVOperator mode with big buttons for easy operation
Typical 5 ml liquid50 micrometer thin window (Be)8 micrometer thin window (Be)Advanced mode with many features
Spillage protection against liquidsSilver anode, ideal for phosphorus and sulfur analysisHigh count rate detector capacity
Oil analysis in compliance with ASTM D6841Max. voltage 50 kV, ideal for zinc analysis


Standards (Reference materials)


Accurate elemental analysis of RoHS restricted materials


Accurate analysis by XRF of toxic elements in polymers and plastics


Claisse is always there to meet your needs!


Epsilon software

Epsilon software is the XRF analysis software platform that is used with PANalytical’s range of Epsilon 1 and Epsilon 4 benchtop EDXRF systems.

Epsilon software


The software provides a rapid, simple and non-destructive means of analyzing coatings, surface layers and multi-layered structures.


Omnian software enables users to achieve the best possible analysis when dedicated methods or certified standards do not exist.



A FingerPrint software module combined with an Epsilon EDXRF system is ideal for material testing when analysis speed is important but the actual composition is not of interest.




Solutions to maximize the return on your investment

To assure that your instrument remains in top condition and performs on the highest level, Malvern Panalytical offers a wide range of services. Our expertise and support services assure an optimal functioning of your instrument.


Service for a lifetime

  • Phone and remote support
  • Preventive maintenance and checkups
  • Flexible Customer Care Agreements
  • Performance certificates
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Local and global support


Adding value to your processes 

  • Sample preparation development/optimization
  • Analytical methodologies 
  • Turnkey solutions for XRD 
  • Operations via IQ/OQ/PQ, quality assurance (GLP, ISO17025) or round robins/inter laboratory studies
  • Automation of lab processes
  • Consultancy services

Training and education

  • Training on-site or at our competence centers
  • Broad range of basic and advanced courses on products, applications and software

Analytical services and calibration materials

  • Expert (XRF) analyses services
  • Oxides and trace analysis
  • Customized calibration materials