This versatile instrument offers an adaptable format, with the option of fluorescence detection capability. The integrated fluidics mean sample loading, cleaning and analysis can all be automated, and with the Autosampler accessory; multiple analyses can be performed without the operator being present, freeing up valuable researcher time.

  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple characteristics saving time and sample volume.
  • Visual validation of results gives extra confidence.
  • User friendly software with easy set up of SOPs for routine use.
  • Minimal sample preparation.
  • Choice of standard or high sensitivity camera.
  • On board temperature control.
  • Choice of laser wavelengths.
  • Optional particle-by-particle measurement of zeta potential.

Particle Sizing

The Malvern Panalytical NanoSight NS500 uses the technology of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA). This unique technology utilizes the properties of both light scattering and Brownian motion in order to obtain the size distribution and concentration measurement of particles in liquid suspension. A laser beam is passed through the sample chamber, and the particles in suspension in the path of this beam scatter light in such a manner that they can easily be visualized via a 20x magnification microscope onto which is mounted a camera. The camera operates at 30 frames per second (fps), capturing a video file of the particles moving under Brownian motion. The software tracks many particles individually and using the Stokes-Einstein equation calculates their hydrodynamic diameters.

Single Particle Zeta Potential

The NanoSight NS500 allows single particle zeta potential measurement of nanoparticles in aqueous suspension, the single particle nature provides high resolution zeta potential distributions. The zeta potential is calculated from measurements of the velocity of a particle in suspension when an electric field is applied (electrophoretic velocity). The electric field causes movement of particles (electrophoresis), and movement of the diluent (electro-osmosis). The NanoSight NS500 records the total drift velocity for each tracked particle, which will be composed of elements of both movements. By observing the total velocity at different depths within the closed sample chamber, and assuming a zero net flow over the entire chamber depth, it is possible to separate these two components. The electrophoretic velocity (due to the electrical force on the particles) can therefore by measured for every particle tracked by the NS500. This electrophoretic velocity can then be used to calculate zeta potential on a single particle basis.

The graph below shows data from a sample of a mixture of 99% negatively charged particles with 1% positively charged particles.

NS500 analysis shows a high resolution distribution with a primary peak at -43mV and secondary peak at -1mV

The NS500 allows the simultaneous and independent measurement of size, zeta potential and light scattering intensity for individual nanoparticles in solution. This allows particle populations to be separated in terms of any one of these parameters, and for the relationship between parameters, for example the dependence of zeta potential on particle size, to be studied.

NS500 analysis shows particle size plotted against zeta potential on a single particle basis.


405nm (violet), 488nm (blue), 532nm (green) or 642nm (red).
Temperature control range:
5°C below ambient to 50°C.
Computer controlled motorized stage.
Computer controlled motorized focus.
Manual push/pull filter holder with 2 filters.
Dimensions (W, D, H):
530mm x 250mm x 400mm.
Particle size:
10nm to 2000nm.
Concentration range:
106 to 109 particles per mL.
Sample conductivity range:
0.005mScm-1 - 5mScm-1
100V - 240V

NanoSight NS500

NanoSight Sample Assistant

Sample storage and automated delivery system

The NanoSight Sample Assistant is a 96-well plate-based autosampler accessory with a bespoke software suite for SOP generation via an intuitive user interface for automated NTA measurements.
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The Malvern Panalytical NanoSight syringe pump is available for all Malvern Panalytical NanoSight systems, enabling users to perform sample analysis at a constant flow rate.

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