Metals: Cu alloys

‘Copper-base’ (Cu-base) is a term used to describe a range of alloys where Cu is the main component. To make the materials suitable for different applications (e.g. the manufacture of coinage, bells, a wide range of mechanical equipment and electrical wiring), Cu is normally alloyed with elements such as Sn, Zn, Ni, Al, and Pb. During the production process fast elemental analysis is needed to minimize errors in production and maximize production yield. 

Expertise program for XRF analysis of Cu alloys

The Cu-base Expertise program delivers a complete methodology from sample preparation to quality assurance for fast elemental analysis in Cu base metals using XRF, covering the analysis of bronze, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, leaded bronze, brass, alloyed brass and leaded brass.

The following elements and concentration ranges are covered:

Element Concentration range (wt%) Element Concentration range (wt%)
Mg < LLD – 0.3 Ni 0.007 – 33
Al < LLD – 13 Cu 54.4 – 96
Si < LLD – 0.6 Zn 0.013 – 43
P 0.001 – 1 As < LLD – 0.3
S 0.0013 – 0.1 Sn 0.006 – 17
Cr 0.0013 – 1 Sb 0.005 – 0.5
Mn < LLD – 2.3 Pb 0.005 – 21
Fe 0.003 – 5.6 Bi < LLD – 2
Co 0.012 – 0.3

Note : If the certified concentration is lower than the LLD value, the term < LLD has been used to indicate the lower limit of the concentration range

In addition to standards, the program includes a complete methodology, from sample preparation to quality assurance, to be used with Malvern Panalytical’s XRF systems.


  • 23 carefully selected certified reference samples, 2 drift monitor samples and method setup templates
  • Setup of optimized analysis program and system calibration, enabling best throughput and accurate results, as well as easy routine analysis by factory operators
  • Setup of calibration maintenance procedure
  • Advice on workflow optimization
  • Advice on efficient preparation of samples
  • User training and documentation


  • Statistical Process Control for WD XRF systems*, for setting up QA/QC workflows


  • Malvern Panalytical XRF spectrometer: ZetiumAxios, or MagiX WD XRF systems
  • Sample preparation equipment

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SPC is already included with Zetium systems