About Creoptix

Following integration in January 2022, Creoptix is a Malvern Panalytical brand. The team is headquartered in Wädenswil at the foot of the lake of Zurich in Switzerland, with US offices in the Boston area.

Accelerate discovery

Creoptix enables life scientists to accelerate discovery by providing cutting-edge tools for molecular interaction analysis, with a focus on next-generation bioanalytical instruments for drug discovery and life sciences for both industry and academic research.

High sensitivity and resolution

Based on its proprietary biosensor, microfluidics and software technologies, the Creoptix WAVE provides exceptionally high sensitivity and resolution to study real-time biological interactions involving fragment, small molecules, peptides, membrane proteins, biologics and other molecules even in crude reaction mixtures and biofluids like undiluted serum and plasma.

Breakthrough level of kinetics analysis

The core Creoptix instrument is the WAVE. The Creoptix WAVE puts a breakthrough level of kinetics analysis at your fingertips by pushing the boundaries of affinity range and sample compatibility. The system’s exceptionally high data quality, sample compatibility and automated software facilitates drug discovery and enable new inroads into R&D. Creoptix also offer supporting chips and software for the instrument.

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  • WAVEsystem  - Next-generation bioanalytical instruments
  • WAVEchip  - No-clog microfluidic sensor chip for every need