Automated Minerals Analysis using the Aeris Minerals Edition

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We recognize the demand in having fast and accurate quality control for Clinker and Cement, or the challenges to have direct monitoring of the mineralogy of the sample in mining industries. 

With this Live demo and webinar, we are glad to invite you to join us and learn about:

  • How to improve the efficiency of the phase analysis in the mineral samples
  • How to achieve fast and accurate full phase analysis of Clinker and Cement samples
  • How easy to operate AERIS – Compact XRD and generate high quality data

At the end of this event, you will know more about:

  • Rietveld refinement analysis and how and where it differs comparing the classical methods.
  • Full expertise support and Sample preparation
  • Operating Aeris (Compact XRD) and set up measurement program.

The webinar will be a mix of technical presentation and live demonstration of Aeris Cement system, the specialist will demonstrate the functionality of the Aeris System and Rietveld though measuring several application examples from Cement and mining industries.


  • Dr. Matteo Pernechele - Application Specialist XRD

More information

Who should attend?

  • This webinar is for Professionals working in Cement, mining, and minerals Segments, and for those who are searching for knowledge and new analysis solutions.

Why attend?

  • In this webinar, a live demonstration will show the ease of use of the Aeris Compact X-ray diffractometer. 
  • Several case studies from the mining and cement industries will be performed. 
  • The specialist will demonstrate how to perform a measurement, execute phase identification, quantification, and use of mineralogical information and XRD raw data for the prediction of process parameters.