Moisture content

Moisture analysis equipment and instrumentation using NIR spectroscopy

The determination of moisture is often a critical component in manufacturing processes and quality assurance. 

Moisture analysis is applicable across a variety of industrial applications where precise moisture in percentage amounts is monitored as a specification, or the moisture content is highly controlled for product or material integrity.

Applications of moisture content analysis

Moisture analysis is commonly used in:

  • Agricultural and soil research
  • Seed and grain research
  • Biomass
  • Chemical analysis
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Food and beverage
  • Geological sciences
  • Natural products and dietary supplements
  • Petroleum products
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Plastics and films
  • Production mining
  • Pulp and paper products

NIR and moisture content

ASD range

ASD range

Field-portable full-range UV/Vis/NIR/SWIR spectroradiometers and spectromet...

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy can detect the water content and activity in a wide range of materials, and over a large range of concentrations. 

ASD’s portable and at-line Vis/NIR systems are ideally suited for the real-time measurement of moisture with easy-to-use, non-destructive testing in just about any environment. 

Concentrations ranging from 0.01% and up can be accommodated by selection of the appropriate wavelength range, thus making ASD’s technology the ideal tool for accurate and flexible moisture analysis in raw and in-process materials, as well as finished product.

Save significant time and money!

  • No sample prep
  • Accurate results are real-time
  • Rapid, non-destructive
  • Measure where and when you need it
  • Decrease out-of-spec product
  • Improve overall product quality

Traditional laboratory methods such as loss on drying (LOD) require time consuming steps such as oven heating and dry time in a desiccator to determine the loss of weight. Even newer automated moisture analysis equipment still requires a few minutes of drying time to determine the drying curve. 

All of these techniques require sample prep, and upon completion of the procedure, the sample is destroyed.

ASD LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument

ASD LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Analytical Instrument

Superior spectral resolution for sharp feature recognition

ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer

ASD LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Lab Analyzer

The lab analyzer for fast, non-destructive analysis to optimize your workflow

Measurement type
Moisture content
Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)