The Metals edition of Zetium

The new element in metals

The Metals edition of the Zetium spectrometer is designed to deliver analytical excellence in the metals industry. It incorporates years of experience and the latest technology to meet the strictest process control targets, from raw materials to final and secondary products.

Like all Zetium spectrometers, the Metals edition delivers reliable analytical performance regardless of the application and excels in areas related to production control and R&D in metals, such as:   

  • Iron, nickel and cobalt alloys 
  • Copper, aluminum and titanium alloys 
  • Iron and steel
  • Precious metals 
  • Soldering alloys 
  • Scrap metals and unknown materials 
  • Slags
  • Raw materials
  • Single layer or multi-layer coatings
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The Metals edition is pre-configured to deliver fast and reliable results from day 1 with the appropriate hardware and your choice of pre-calibrated application solutions including:

  • NiFeCo - for the analysis of steels and alloys
  • Cu-Base - for the analysis of copper alloys
  •  LAS - for the analysis of low-alloy steel

You can also choose to add WROXI, for the analysis of oxides in raw materials, or Stratos, for the analysis of coatings.

The SumXcore brings together the benefits of WD- and EDXRF technology into one platform. This combination delivers unique advantages in the production of metals including:

  • reductions in analysis time of up to 50 % for higher sample throughput or improved precision in a given time
  • identification of unexpected elements in production samples

For inclusion or homogeneity analysis small spot mapping and elemental distribution analysis is possible with the ED core and unique translation mechanics.

Connected World

Unleash the potential of your data

Until now, instrument data has too often been stuck in manual records, spreadsheets or site-specific servers. By connecting the Zetium to our Smart Manager and continually analyzing instrument data in the cloud, you can unleash its full potential. This is just one of our digital solutions that are part of Malvern Panalytical's Connected World.

Unleash the potential of your data


Design features for product consistency

  • High-capacity sample bed with a high-speed sample changer, ideal for medium to high sample throughput
  • Unrivalled analytical sensitivity at unprecedented speeds with superior detectors and counting electronics
  • Outlier detection and process control with Statistical Process Control software - ideal for traceability and accreditation
  • Continuous full-power operation for enhanced stability and repeatability
  • Ready for automated environments
Design features for product consistency

Advanced software and unique application solutions

  • The latest version of our renowned SuperQ software features a new, streamlined user interface, advanced matrix correction algorithms, such as tertiary fluorescence, integration of ED deconvolution and integrated intelligence with the Virtual Analyst
  • Type Standardization - a software module for SuperQ that allows users to add type standards to applications for automatic correction of results within user-defined limits
  • NiFeCo - a special set of samples developed to transfer calibrations based on more than 120 certified reference materials (CRMs) for accurate analysis of special steels, high-temperature alloys and super alloys
  • Cu-base - a carefully selected set of reference samples to set up calibrations for the analysis of copper-base metals, such as: 
  • - Bronze (standard, aluminium, phosphor and leaded) 
  • - Brass (standard, alloyed and leaded)
  • LAS - a carefully selected set of reference samples to set up calibrations for the dedicated analysis of low alloy steel
Advanced software and unique application solutions

Upgrade packages to meet every challenge

The modular design of the Zetium platform allows optimization of the Metals edition through the addition of upgrade packages that deliver tangible benefits:

  • SumXcore - for reduction in analysis times and identification of unexpected elements in production samples
  • Small Spot Mapping - ideal for the analysis of inclusions for process troubleshooting
  • Speed & throughput - for faster sample analysis
  • Robustness & uptime - for tough environments
  • Flexibility - to accomodate sample size variations
  • Performance enhancement - for superior sensitivity
Upgrade packages to meet every challenge


Basic configuration highlights Performance upgrades Benefits
One application of choice from:
Additional applications of choice Unique pre-calibration modules or calibration sets to enable accurate elemental analysis of a wide range of sample types, ideal for the metal manufacture, from process to quality control

No-drift SST R-mAX

2.4 kW X-ray tube

Maximum uptime with minimum monitor correction
3 or 4 kW X-ray tube Faster results and lower detection limits in the same measurement time
Curved crystals for faster results Up to 30% more intensity in the same measurement time
Shorter measurement time to achieve required limits
H-Per channels Simultaneous measurement of up to two light elements (B, C, N, Na, Mg) to minimize total analysis time
SumXcore Faster results in tandem with the WD functionality
Detect unexpected changes in composition
Small spot mapping Unique compositional mapping with the ED core, for fast and accurate determination of compositional trends and heterogeneities


Standards (Reference materials)


Ideal for the analysis of high temperature steels and super alloys


Low alloy steel analysis with Malvern Panalytical XRF spectrometers


Accurate elemental analysis of Cu metals

Sample Preparation

Fusion monitor

Quick and error-free proactive monitoring for your fusion instruments
Fusion monitor

Oxidizers and non-wetting agent

Molds & crucibles

Molds and crucibles

Our platinum labware is made of 95 % platinum alloyed with 5 % gold
Molds and crucibles

Precious scrap metal policy

Selling your precious metal scrap can have a significant impact on your profits
Precious scrap metal policy


Super Q

SuperQ software is straightforward and makes Zetium and CubiX spectrometers accessible to administrators and routine operators.

Super Q


The software provides a rapid, simple and non-destructive means of analyzing coatings, surface layers and multi-layered structures.


Omnian software enables users to achieve the best possible analysis when dedicated methods or certified standards do not exist.


Type Standardization

Type Standardization is a well-known method in the steel and metals industry,
Type Standardization



Solutions to maximize the return on your investment

To assure that your instrument remains in top condition and performs on the highest level, Malvern Panalytical offers a wide range of services. Our expertise and support services assure an optimal functioning of your instrument.


Service for a lifetime

  • Phone and remote support
  • Preventive maintenance and checkups
  • Flexible Customer Care Agreements
  • Performance certificates
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Local and global support


Adding value to your processes 

  • Sample preparation development/optimization
  • Analytical methodologies 
  • Turnkey solutions for XRD 
  • Operations via IQ/OQ/PQ, quality assurance (GLP, ISO17025) or round robins/inter laboratory studies
  • Automation of lab processes
  • Consultancy services

Training and education

  • Training on-site or at our competence centers
  • Broad range of basic and advanced courses on products, applications and software

Analytical services and calibration materials

  • Expert (XRF) analyses services
  • Oxides and trace analysis
  • Customized calibration materials

Calibrates well to levels we look at. Software is very intuitive. Product support is great from their diverse application specialists.

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