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  • NIBS optics for versatile, high sensitivity, particle and molecular size measurements
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) measures particle and molecule size, from 0.6 nm – 10 µm
  • M3-PALS with Constant Current Mode for zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility measurements
  • ZS Xplorer software suite for simple and flexible method set-up and data analysis
  • Adaptive Correlation for faster, more reproducible sizing measurements with less sample preparation
  • Deep Learning empowered data quality system for assessment of any size data quality issues, with clear advice on how to improve results
  • Optical filter wheel with fluorescence filter to allow measurement of fluorescent samples without impairing overall system sensitivity.  Also includes polarization filters for DDLS measurements.

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Launch of the Zetasizer Pro and Zetasizer Ultra
Measurement type:
Particle concentration
Particle size
Zeta potential
May 23 2018 - May 23 2018
07:59 - 08:00
(GMT) Greenwich
Event type:
Webinar - Recorded