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Would you like to enhance your research by talking to our experts? The Ask an Expert! series of webinars is a great way of doing this. For 2022, we bring you Ask an expert! series 2, following on from last year’s popular Ask an expert! series. 

Our Ask an expert! live webinars are designed for you, students, researchers, and professors who want to sharpen your analytical methods, deepen your knowledge, or find out how to improve your data. We’ll provide extensive materials analysis information and answer incoming questions on each topic. Each webinar this series builds on the foundation of last year’s presentations. If you haven’t already seen them, or need a refresher, please watch last year’s recorded events

Each webinar covers an aspect of sample preparation, data collection or analysis and reporting. These events are all free to join, and you can attend as many as you like to support your research or build your knowledge. The table below has information about the topics we will discuss at each event, with links to register for upcoming sessions. 

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If you have a question for our experts which you would like discussed in our upcoming events, please submit your question at any time by emailing or using the #MPexpert hashtag on Twitter. 

Questions and data can be submitted up to 10 days before the webinar and will be answered during the event - just let us know which event they are for and start asking!

2022 program

DateTimezoneAsk an Expert TopicWebinar title and link
20 JanUS am / EU pmIsothermal titration calorimetry

ITC for organic solvents: Tips for success with this trending application in Chemistry and Life Sciences

17 FebUS am / EU pmX-ray fluorescence

Getting the best out of Omnian using an ED spectrometer

17 MarUS am / EU pmDynamic light scattering 

How well can you present your DLS results?

21 AprUS am / EU pmX-ray diffraction

Getting the best out of non-ambient measurements

19 MayUS am / EU pmSEC/GPC

Dive deeper into multi-detection OMNISEC Software

23 JuneUS am / EU pmX-ray diffraction

How to save time with HighScore's powerful big-data features

21 JulUS am / EU pmLaser diffraction

Key takeaways for error-free analysis and reporting laser diffraction results

18 AugUS am / EU pmElectrophoretic light scattering

Ensuring sample integrity during zeta potential measurements

15 SepUS am / EU pmX-ray diffraction

Hints and tips for customizing your thin film analysis using XRD with AMASS 

20 OctUS am / EU pmMicrocalorimetry

Microcalorimetry: a versatile biophysical tool to understand biomolecular interactions

17 NovUS am / EU pmX-ray fluorescence

Omnian round table Q&A

15 DecUS am / EU pmParticle imaging

Adding Raman spectroscopy to static image analysis

Feel free to attend any of the classes, it is free of charge.

Want to re-visit last year’s events on demand?

See the full on-demand program below:

DateTimezoneAsk an Expert Topic
Webinar title

2nd Mar

USA / Europe

X-ray fluorescence

Sample preparation for XRF analysis: the basics and some useful tips

30th Mar

USA / Europe

X-ray diffraction

Get the best from Rietveld refinement 

6th Apr


X-ray diffraction

Introduction to powder X-ray diffraction

8th Apr

USA / Europe


Top 5 tips for the Zetasizer

27th Apr

USA / Europe


Automated Image Analysis, best practice guide

28th Apr


X-ray diffraction

XRD phase quantification tutorial

4th May

USA / Europe

X-ray diffraction

Best practices for PDF analysis on a laboratory instrument

6th May


X-ray diffraction

Transmission vs reflection XRD measurements

3rd Jun

USA / Europe


Things I wish I knew about Laser Diffraction before writing my Thesis

13th Jul

USA / Europe

X-ray fluorescence

Getting the best out of Omnian WD XRF semiquantitative analysis

7th Sep

USA / Europe


Dive deeper into multi-detection OMNISEC samples analysis

21st Sep

USA / Europe

X-ray diffraction

In operando battery analysis

5th Oct

USA / Europe


Microcalorimetry: A versatile tool for the characterization of biomolecular interactions

27th Oct

USA / Europe


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