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Zetasizer Ultra

The new Zetasizer Ultra is our most advanced system for the measurement of particle and molecular size, particle charge and particle concentration, and represents the most intelligent and flexible instrument in the Zetasizer Advance range. 

Our flagship model enjoys all the benefits afforded by ZS Xplorer software, in terms of ease of use, analysis speed and data confidence, and also offers two unique measurement capabilities: Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS®) and particle concentration*, to offer even greater insight into your samples.

*Zetasizer Ultra Red Label only

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04 October 2022


ZS Xplorer version 3.2.0 adds upper and lower display range configuration for Size/MADLS & Particle Concentration measurements.

Introduces Data Quality Advice for MADLS & Particle Concentration measurements.  

Adds further Trend analysis improvements and bug fixes.

Extends Japanese and Chinese localization to Studies and Data Quality Advice.

Adds speed and robustness improvements to Scattering standard measurements.

Other improvements and bug fixes.  

See SUN for full details.


11 July 2022


ZS Xplorer version 3.1.0 extends studies and concentration trend measurements to support the Zetasizer Advance Lab models and also adds the capability to perform concentration trends in either back or side scatter on Zetasizer Advance Ultra models.   Concentration trends also now supports setting of measurement temperature and adds display of R2 value to tables and graphs.

Exporting of data to CSV file from graphs and tables in Concentration trends and from Parameter and Statistic tables in Analyze views has been introduced.

Data quality advice for Zeta potential measurements has been further refined to provide users with better diagnosis of sample/measurement issues. 

Exporting a study now provides an option to include the results data for transfer of the complete study between data repositories.

Various bug fixes, see software update notification for details.


18 May 2022


ZS Xplorer version 3.0.0 introduces studies and concentration trend measurements for the determination of molecular weight by static light scattering and kD by dynamic light scattering. Note: This first release does not support Zetasizer Lab or OmniTrust users. Auto averaging for Zeta, MADLS and Particle concentration has also been added along with other quality of life features and bug fixes. See SUN for details.


01 March 2022


ZS Xplorer version 2.3.1 introduces post-analysis averaging for Zeta, Particle Concentration and MADLS size measurements. Zeta mobility parameters and graphs have


been added, as well as a count rate meter and


localization for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese language support.

Important: This version supports OmniTrust 1.4.0; OmniTrust users should upgrade their installation to 1.4 if upgrading to ZS Xplorer 2.3.1.


17 January 2022


ZS Xplorer version 2.3.0 introduces post analysis averaging for Zeta, Particle Concentration and MADLS size measurements. Zeta mobility parameters and graphs have also been added, as well as a count rate meter.

Important: This version supports OmniTrust 1.4.0; OmniTrust users should upgrade their installation to 1.4 if upgrading to ZS Xplorer 2.3.0.


14 October 2021


  • Maintenance release see Software Update Notification for details.

08 July 2021


  • ZS Xplorer 2.1 offers improvements to OmniTrust regulated environment users by providing improved control of methods and provision of a method audit trail. This version also provides improvements by provision of major size distribution percentiles and automatic size averaging function. A critical bug that could  affect zeta potential data for very low scattering samples has also been fixed. See the Software Update Notification for more details.


25 February 2021


  • Bug fix: Changing sample details on locked methods
    • Fixed a bug around method permissions for OmniTrust regulated environment users that prevented editing of method sample details.

01 September 2020


  • Support for Zetasizer Advance portfolio.
  • See SUN for further details.

25 June 2020


  • See SUN for details.

16 December 2021



  • Flexible/configurable roles in Empyrean and Aeris (now aligns with Zetasizer) 
  • Summary of roles/permissions 
  • Default roles for instrument applications 
  • Support for complex domains 
  • Wizard for initial set up and massively improved UI to improve configuration/set up 


  • Record Audit trail events viewable in OmniTrail. 
  • Show/compare authorization files 

More information can be found in the Release and Installation Notes.


01 April 2020


  • Smart-Install

02 March 2020


  • Minor bug fix release, see SUN for details.

13 January 2020


  • Reporting

29 March 2019


  • MPT-3 Auto-titrator support
  • New Parent and Child nested data grid for compound measurements
  • Multiple records editing

28 September 2018


  • Project Explorer
  • Advanced Progress bar
  • Record selector parameter selector improvements

20 July 2018


  • Initial software release for ZS Xplorer software for Zetasizer Ultra-Pro instruments


Zetasizer Ultra accessories

SV-10 viscometer

Viscosity measurement with speed, simplicity and accuracy.

The SV-10 measures viscosity with the accuracy required for dynamic light scattering, for the conversion of diffusion speed to size, and electrophoretic mobility to zeta potential, in an extremely simple and rapid system.

MPT-3 Autotitrator

Automate your pH titrations

The MPT-3 is a cost-effective accessory for the Zetasizer Advance range, designed to automate your Zeta and/or Size vs. pH titrations, helping you understand how your materials behave as a function of pH.    

The zeta potential and/or size of your materials with pH changes can be critical in understanding: 

  • Material stability
  • Agglomeration
  • Flocculation 
  • Point of net-zero charge (isoelectric point)
  • Storage conditions

Cell and cuvette options

Disposable folded capillary cell (DTS1070)

Eliminate sample cross contamination between zeta potential measurements using a completely disposable cell.

The zeta potential of colloids and molecules is extremely sensitive to contamination from components of a previous sample used in a measurement cell. The use of a disposable cell completely eliminates this potential contamination issue.

The folded capillary cell provides the benefits of the accuracy of measurement of a capillary cell with the ease of use of a disposable cell.

Although, disposable, including the electrodes, for low conductivity samples each cell can be used for hundreds of measurements if required.

The cell can be used with the autotitrator, where multiple measurements are routinely done over a wide pH range.

Universal 'dip' cell kit

Reusable solvent resistant cell.

The dip cell is used for the measurement of zeta potential of samples in aqueous and non-aqueous dispersants, and is designed to be cleaned and reused. It is for batch measurements using standard polystyrene or glass cuvettes.

High concentration zeta potential cell kit

Save time and effort by measuring zeta potential with little or no dilution.

The high concentration cell enables the measurement of the zeta potential of samples with little or no dilution in any Zetasizer Advance system that measures zeta potential.

The cell has a flow configuration so can be used for stop-flow size and zeta potential measurements using an MPT-3 autotitrator as well as batch measurements.

Low-volume disposable sizing cell kit (ZSU1002)

Our low volume disposable sizing cell (ZSU1002) design is unique in offering easy-fill, ultra-low volume size measurement in as little as 3 μL. 

  • Measure larger particles (up to 10 μm) with greater accuracy thanks to the inherent physical qualities of the capillary sizing cell
  • The cell also eliminates the errors associated with multiple scattering, allowing samples to be measured over a wider dynamic concentration range than would normally be possible at side scatter (90°)
  • The use of ZSU1002 is supported on Zetasizer Lab and Zetasizer Ultra models

12mm square glass cell (PCS8501)

Glass cuvette for batch measurements.

  • For size and molecular weight measurements
  • Compatible with aqueous and non-aqueous solvents and dispersants

12mm Glass cell (PCS1115)

Glass cuvette for use with the dip cell.

  • For size and zeta potential measurements using the ‘dip’ cell
  • Compatible with aqueous and non-aqueous solvents and dispersants

Low-volume quartz batch cuvette (ZEN2112)

Low-volume quartz batch cuvette for size and molecular weight measurements.

This quartz cuvette holds between 12 μL and 45 μL of sample and is used for size measurements. It is compatible with both aqueous and non-aqueous solvents and dispersants.

12mm Square Polystyrene Cuvettes (DTS0012)

Disposable polystyrene cuvettes.

  • 100 disposable cells complete with 100 stoppers to avoid cross-contamination
  • For size measurements using aqueous dispersants
  • Compatible with zeta potential measurements using the dip cell

Disposable Solvent Resistant Micro Cuvette (ZEN0040)

Disposable plastic micro cuvette, for size measurement at 173° (NIBS) optics only.

  • 100 x 40µL cuvettes with 100 caps to avoid cross-contamination
  • Compatible with aqueous samples and a range of other solvents: Acetone, Benzaldehyde, Butanone, Dioxane, DMF, Ethyl acetate, Isopropanol, plus various acids and bases

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