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Free XRD software licenses for academics

Exclusive time-limited offer to obtain free software licenses

How to Apply

This action is intended to assist you, as academic and public sector leaders, to help your team to finalize projects in these difficult times where there is often limited access to laboratories.

We offer fully functional 12-month time-limited licenses where the time starts from the first activation of the software.

To be eligible, licenses should be requested by identifiable Professors, Principal Investigators or Group Leaders for a maximum of 3 students, researchers, or post-doctoral associates. 

Available Software licenses are for XRD analysis:

  • HighScore (Polycrystalline materials)
  • AMASS (Thin Films and epitaxial layers)

Due to the limited nature of this offer, we can only accept applications from fully employed team leaders. Students - please ask your supervisor to apply on your behalf. 

What Happens Next

Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your application and information about the next steps including your license key and where to download your software.