Frequent and accurate monitoring of elements, crystalline phases and particle sizes are essential to make the extraction of base metals profitable. 

Most base metal deposits such as copper, nickel, zinc and lead become more and more heterogeneous. This requires frequent and accurate monitoring of solids, liquids, liquors and slurries to respond adequately on changing composition of the ores during flotation or leaching processes. 

Malvern Panalytical solutions can monitor the complete base metals mining processes; from the direct analysis on the conveyor belt early in the process towards laboratory analysis and complete automated quality control. 

Geometallurgy is important during the separation of ore and waste material to cope with changes in raw material composition and to run the process under optimal conditions. Therefore, mineralogical analysis and the direct monitoring of process parameters (such as the acid consumption) became an essential method to monitor process conditions. Where precise elemental analysis and fast sample preparation ensure rapid throughput and maximum uptime, the ore grade and particle size analysis guaranty optimal behavior of the ore during processing.