Elemental, mineralogical and particle size analysis throughout the process for efficient and green production of high quality cement.

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Tight control of every step in production process is of utmost importance for achieving the maximum efficiency and quality of cement. From stock pile management, production of raw meal, preparation of kiln feed and the production of clinker right through to the final mixing of the end product the control is driven by the elemental, mineralogical composition and particle size analysis.

The latest demands on CO2 emissions drive the use of alternative fuels and the production of blended cements using supplementary cementitious materials like slag, fly-ash, pozzolan or silica fume. Here, elemental and mineralogical analyses of the intermediate and final products as well as fuels become even more important, while accurate and precise measurement of fineness is critical for optimal grinding. This requires reliable and rugged solutions for steering the process in the most cost-effective way for the highest quality cement or concrete. Malvern Panalytical offers solutions that meet these demands and seamlessly integrate into the production process.

With our cement industry and application knowledge, Malvern Panalytical instruments enable:

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