Electronic displays are now an indispensable part of our daily lives in devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and TVs. The electronic display is, in fact, the most critical part of the overall user experience while using these devices. Breakthroughs in display technologies have made them increasingly cheaper, larger, brighter, and more efficient over time. Various technologies used in electronic displays such as LCDs, quantum dots, pigment dispersions, and OLED employ complex processes with multistage controls to achieve the desired properties. 

In pigment dispersions used in the color filters of LCD displays, attributes such as particle size and crystalline quality have an important bearing on the contrast and brilliance of the projected image. Likewise, conductive pastes used to make back-to-front end connections also have a critical dependence on the size and shape of the dispersed particles. OLED displays use various polymers, and the size, molecular weight, and branching play an important role in their overall quality. The accurate characterization of particle size, particle shape, crystalline quality, slurry stability, and the properties of the used polymers is an integral part of the electronic display manufacturing process.

Fast and accurate analysis of electronic display materials and devices

Malvern Panalytical solutions can help characterize:

  • Particle size (Zetasizer, Empyrean) and crystalline quality (Aeris, Empyrean) in pigment dispersions or quantum dots used in the color filters of the TFT-LCD’s
  • Slurry stability (Zetasizer) and particle size (Mastersizer 3000) in conductive pastes used for making back-to-front connections in LCD’s, EL’s, and other display types
  • Detection of oversized particles (Morphologi 4, Mastersizer 3000) that cause shorts within the display area and cause splaying of edge connections outside the display area
  • Particle size (Mastersizer 3000) and crystalline quality (Aeris) in precursors used in the electro-optic industry for making transparent conductive coatings
  • Coating thickness analysis (Empyrean)

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