Malvern Panalytical Ltd. has sold its Rheology business to NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing, a well-respected and long-established supplier of high-precision instruments for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties to both academia and industry. The Rheology business comprises both the Kinexus & Rosand product ranges. 

The NETZSCH Group is a mid-sized, German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with around 3700 employees, worldwide production, sales, and service branches.

We believe this is an excellent move for the Rheology business, because it will bring the investment and focused attention to maintain it as a leading solution. NETZSCH is committed to developing and investing in the Rheology people, products and service offering. 

As valued Malvern Panalytical customers and visitors, we would like to reassure you that both companies will be working together to ensure a smooth and professional handover.   

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