Malvern Panalytical provides X-ray tubes to X-ray equipment manufacturers in the field of imaging, inspection, gauging and non-destructive testing. Tubes can be customized according to specific requirements. 

The following tube types are available and supplied with a dedicated generator:

• Microfocus: A high-stability microfocus tube allowing close optical coupling, with a range of focal spot sizes between 10 and 50 µm 

• Fluor’X: A near-monochromatic, tunable X-ray source 

• Epsilon 3: A compact low kV tube.

Microfocus tube 

Malvern Panalytical's revolutionary Microfocus X-ray Tube is ideal for imaging, inspection, gauging and non-destructive testing.

Fluor'X tube 

The patented Fluor'X tube produces near monochromatic X-rays and wavelenght ourput that can be tuned by the user.

Epsilon tube 

The Epsilon X-ray tube with W-anode is well suited for applications such as gauging of web and coating thikcness.