Elemental Analytical Workflow

End-to-end solutions for your elemental analysis needs

Every part of your XRF analytical process affects the following stage – and ultimately, the quality of your results. Optimizing each step of the process and integrating all of them makes your results consistently reliable and maximizes operational efficiency while lowering your total running costs.

We provide a comprehensive suite of ‘building blocks’ for every aspect of your analytical setup:

  • Instrumentation and accessories
  • Application packages, including sample certification and (certified) reference materials
  • Instrument & automation support
  • Analytical & consultancy services

From sample preparation to result reporting, and whether you’re beginning with your sample, lab configuration, or the results you need, we can help you build up your ideal workflow to achieve your elemental analysis needs.

[2524009 MALV Infographic Analytical process_notext.png] 2524009 MALV Infographic Analytical process_notext.png

Why do you need to care about your analytical workflow?

Consistently reliable results
Errors can appear throughout the XRF analytical process. They can be caused by inaccurate sample weighing, low flux quality, improper fusion, reference materials, or an incorrect XRF method. All of these can prevent us from getting consistently accurate and precise results.
High operational efficiency

High operational efficiency is always beneficial – and it is relevant to the whole operational procedure. How fast can you get a sample prepared without any errors? How can you optimize your automation and XRF methods for the best speed? By looking into a holistic analytical workflow, you can achieve the level of efficiency you want.

Lower total running costs
Staff capacity & training, consumable chemicals, energy consumption, and accessories all cost money. By making full use of your analytical workflow, you will be surprised how much costs can be reduced, without compromising on your analytical needs or your team’s happiness.

Benefits of the integrated solutions provided by Malvern Panalytical

With a wide range of products and services, as well as extensive expertise, Malvern Panalytical can provide the best-fit building blocks to help you quickly build up your ideal analytical workflow, wherever you start from. 

We can also optimize your current workflow to guarantee you consistently reliable results, high operational efficiency, and low total running costs, and make the analytical process as robust as possible from a sustainability perspective. 

Got multiple questions at the same time? Just contact us and we’ll answer them. 

  • Quick and flexible startup: Start from any point we’ll build your ideal workflow
  • Optimized workflow: Our experts can optimize each step in your analytical workflow to meet your requirements and fit your laboratory setup
  • Minimized downtime: continously monitor instrument health and flag potenial problems timely to prevent unexpected downtime
  • Single point of contact: With one supplier, the performance of your whole analytical process is guaranteed, instead of a single instrument performance
  • Less waste: We help you prevent unnecessary waste and re-use tools as much as possible by enabling you to apply the proper amount of chemicals, refreshing your platinum ware, and providing high-quality instruments and accessories
[End to end analytical workflow infographic road arrow with icons 5 top_2524005 MALV.png] End to end analytical workflow infographic road arrow with icons 5 top_2524005 MALV.png

Instrumentation and accessories

Malvern Panalytical provides cutting-edge sample preparation instruments and high-purity fluxes, XRF instruments, and accessories like platinum ware – tailored to your specific applications and ensuring the utmost analytical performance and robustness. 

Our instruments work together optimally and are equipped with advanced software programs that are intuitive and ready for automation and digitalization processes. This lays the foundation for a consistently reliable and efficient workflow.

Learn more about our instruments and accessories below.

Claisse range

Fusion instruments and borate flux weighing
Claisse range

XRF analyzers

Expert XRF spectrometers for elemental composition analysis
XRF analyzers

Smart Manager

Daily monitoring, support, and insight services to optimize your instrument...
Expand Your Analytical Capabilities with XRD
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Expand Your Analytical Capabilities with XRD

Application packages

A successful analytical process requires more than just your instruments. 

Our industrial application packages provide well-defined sample preparation methods, XRF application templates, and ready-made (certified) reference materials to meet various analytical requirements from different industries.

Need to use your own materials as reference materials to analyze pressed-powder samples? Or need special reference materials to achieve the required accuracy, but can’t find them on the market? Our qualified facility in Nottingham, UK, accredited by ISO and UKAS, can certify your own samples and make customized synthetic calibration standards for you.

Elemental Analysis by X-ray Fluorescence

Industrial application packages

Industrial application packages

Pre-calibration is available upon request to save you time setting up your XRF calibration lines.

Calibration standards

Pre-calibration is available upon request, to save you time setting up your XRF calibration lines.

Instrument & automation support

To consistently obtain reliable results, your analytical workflow must be robust. In other words, instruments must be monitored and maintained regularly to avoid unexpected downtime, which can cause significant losses at production sites and in laboratories. With our full suite of support services, you can unleash the full potential of your instruments and ensure a 24/7 robust analytical workflow, all delivered by our experts and digital solutions.

Covering your instrument’s whole lifespan, our support includes:

  • Training: Equipping your team with the expert knowledge and skills to get the most from your instrument
  • Service contracts: Customized support at the level you need, including preventive and corrective maintenance, remote and on-site technical support, and spare parts
  • Digital support services: Smart Manager proactively monitors your instrument’s health in real time and flags potential problems directly to you. Plus, our customer service engineers can provide immediate support, guaranteeing you peace of mind every day. 

Plus, if you’d like to entirely or partially automate your analytical workflows through your labs, or have automated real-time elemental analysis next to your production line, you can also make use of our automation support services. Our process and quality control experts can help you design, build, and implement your automation setup. 

Smart Manager

Smart Manager proactively monitors your instrument’s health in real time and flags potential problems directly to you
Smart Manager

Laboratory Automation

Our process and quality control experts can help you design, build, and implement your automation setup
Laboratory Automation

Analytical and consultancy services

If you’re not already familiar with elemental or XRF analysis, it can take a long time to get started. You might have to go through a lengthy method development process, dive into detailed industrial norms and regulations, or have trouble sourcing proper reference materials. 

With the analytical service provided by our qualified  Nottingham facility and expert consultancy services, all your needs are taken care of in one. 

You can either outsource your elemental analysis to us, or request consultancy services from our experts to customize a complete analytical workflow that meets your needs. 

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Our consultancy services include:

We can provide consultancy services in two ways based on your needs. We can offer these services on an hourly or daily basis. Alternatively, we also offer complete expertise projects that bring you a turn-key solution – starting from any sample material through to result reporting at the end.  

[End to end analytical workflow infographic_expertise_icons on timeline 2524005 MALV2.png] End to end analytical workflow infographic_expertise_icons on timeline 2524005 MALV2.png

How do I create the right analytical workflow?

Our experts will provide customized guidance to help you create the ideal analytical workflow for your needs.

Ready to create your tailored analytical workflow? 

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