Elemental innovation

Continuous development, improved customer experience 

Scientifically-sound, benefits-driven innovations achieved with SumXcore technology - an integration of WDXRF and EDXRF - incorporated into the Zetium platform provide ultimate flexibility, performance and versatility and are on track to revolutionize the world of XRF.

Elemental innovation

Elemental intelligence

Advanced analytical hardware requires advanced analytical software and expertise 
A quantum step for our renowned SuperQ software gives access to new technology combinations and analytical possibilities. Starring the Virtual Analyst, it enhances the user experience in setting up and operating the system.
Elemental intelligence

Elemental support

Transparent and reliable support no matter the location
From service to expertise, training to laboratory analysis the user is supported from every angle. With a worldwide network of experienced engineers, coupled with the industry’s largest pool of application scientists, Malvern Panalytical is always on hand to help you meet your analytical requirements. 
Elemental support

Elemental technology

60 years of experience and heritage - the ideal starting point
Zetium is the next in a generation of remarkably successful WDXRF spectrometers, including the Axios, the MagiX and the PW2400. This heritage of proven technology has been refined and brought forward providing the foundation to the Zetium platform.
Elemental technology

Smart Manager

Unleash the potential of your data

Until now, instrument data has too often been stuck in manual records, spreadsheets or site-specific servers. By connecting the Zetium to our Smart Manager and continually analyzing instrument data in the cloud, you can unleash its full potential. This is just one of our digital solutions that are part of Malvern Panalytical's Connected World.

Unleash the potential of your data


Enhanced analytical performance

  • Power upgrades from 1 to 2.4, 3 or 4 kW for enhanced sensitivity
  • Range of X-ray tube anode materials Rh, Cr, Mo and Au for specific application performance
  • Duplex detector for enhanced sensitivity and wider dynamic range for transition metals analysis
  • HiPer scintillation detector for increased dynamic range for heavy elements (linear up to 3.5 Mcps) ideal for high precision analysis of Nb and Mo in steels

Superior user experience

  • Simple, intuitive software with The Virtual Analyst
  • Full suite of application setup modules and software solutions
  • Industry-leading standardless XRF analysis with Omnian - analysis of unknowns or when standards are unavailable
  • Multi-element small spot analysis with mapping
  • Programmable collimator masks for sample sizes between 6 mm and 37 mm

Maximum sample throughput

  • SumXcore technology - measurement times reduced by up to 50% with an ED core
  • Power upgrades from 1 to 2.4, 3 or 4 kW for faster analysis times
  • Hi-Per channels for simultaneous measurement of light elements
  • Continuous and direct sample loading significantly reduces instrument overhead
  • High-capacity sample changer bed (up to 209 positions) for high throughput applications
  • Sample changer bar code reader option enables fast, error-free sample loading and data entry


  • Dust removal device minimizes contamination and maximizes instrument uptime
  • CHI-BLUE X-ray tube window coating for increased X-ray tube durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Sample type identification (solids & liquids)
  • Bar code reader for error-free sample entry

 Low cost of ownership

  • Space-saving, compact design 
  • Small-volume airlock design – for rapid cycling of samples into vacuum, or low He consumption for liquids analysis
  • Easy-access service modules mean faster instrument serviceability and minimum downtime
  • Dedicated chiller removes heat from the laboratory – avoiding overtaxing laboratory air conditioning infrastructure
  • Packaged cost-saving solutions

Enhanced data security

The Enhanced Data Security option for the SuperQ software package helps you strengthen your audit trail, minimize the risk of error, and prove that your XRF instrument is working as expected. Capabilities include advanced user management, action logging, data protection and application status assignment.

Industry editions

Tailored solutions for specific industries

Industry editions of the Zetium XRF spectrometer are offered with dedicated expertise templates, and hardware and software configurations for specific industries. Designed for rapid commissioning and calibration, these industry editions have proprietary, high-quality, traceable application setup modules, that include setup standards and sample preparation instructions. Also included are tailored application templates for typical industry applications and international norms compliance. Among the industries served with this approach are cement, minerals, metals, petrochemicals and polymers & plastics. The Ultimate edition configuration meets the most demanding requirements regardless of industry.



System enhancement packages

The modular design of the Zetium platform allows customizable configurations to meet even the most demanding requirements.
  •     Task-oriented performance enhancements
  •     High sample throughput – increased sample changer capacity and lowest instrument overhead
  •     Protection against dusty samples and liquid spillages
  •     Error-free sample introduction with bar code reader
  •     Variable sample-type handling including small spot analysis
System enhancement packages


ED core
The Zetium platform embodies SumXcore technology – an integration of WDXRF and EDXRF. This unique combination of possibilities puts it in a class of its own with respect to analytical power, speed and task flexibility.
Combined WD/ED XRF benefits
Maximum task flexibility and enhanced performance with simultaneous SumXcore measurements
Benefit through dramatically reduced measurement times by up to 50%, or by improved precision
High-resolution SDD detector, with variable signal attenuation, for optimum performance flexibility
Elemental analysis from Na – Am, in concentrations from ppm – 100%
Track unexpected elements that can affect process element analysis without increasing measurement time
Enhance your QA/QC program and increase confidence in quality with two independent results for every measurement

SuperQ 6 with Virtual Analyst

The Virtual Analyst takes information from many sources such as standards compositions, actual measurements and the user data objectives to calculate the response of the system, set it up and complete the method.
  • Accessing the power of the Zetium platform
  • Simple and intuitive with task-oriented flow
  • Advanced matrix correction refinements for increased data accuracy from metals to polymers 
  • Virtual Analyst – embodiment of decades of specialist know-how.
SuperQ 6 with Virtual Analyst

Small spot analysis with mapping

Small spot analysis with element distribution mapping is an ideal tool for materials research and production process troubleshooting. No longer confined to research facilities, this technique is now available anywhere you need it.
  • Ideal for materials research and production process troubleshooting
  • Practical analysis times
  • Close-coupled optical path for high sensitivity
  • Uses ED core for fast, simultaneous multi-element analysis per spot
  • 500 µm spot size (FWHM), 100 µm step size
  • Quantitative, qualitative and standardless Omnian analysis
  • Simple sample preparation
Small spot analysis with mapping