The Mastersizer 3000 - Why Upgrade?

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00:00:00 The Mastersizer 3000 – Why upgrade?
00:01:12 Upgrade to the Mastersizer 3000
00:01:32 Now is the time…
00:02:17 Why Mastersizer 3000?
00:03:23 Why Mastersizer 3000?
00:03:45 Unlock new applications
00:04:01 Unlock new applications
00:04:52 More rapid, robust method development
00:06:03 More rapid, robust method development
00:07:16 More rapid, robust and method development
00:07:52 Ease of routine operation
00:08:24 Ease of routine operation
00:09:50 Ease of routine operation
00:10:31 Ease of routine operation
00:11:00 Enhanced data security
00:11:53 Enhanced data security
00:12:40 How do I transfer…?
00:12:55 How do I transfer…?
00:13:30 How do I transfer…?
00:14:27 How do I transfer…?
00:15:03 Mastersizer 3000
00:15:37 Thank you for listening!If you have questions go 3000Investigate our educational library under the learn tab for application notes, recorded web seminars, white papers and more.We are here to help