Modular construction slot (or slit) die for Rosand RH7/10 capillary rheometers.

  • Design uses changeable inserts for greater flexibility over slot (or slit) dimensions, and thus the shear rate range.
  • Three pressure transducer ports along the length of the slot die provide flush mounting to the channel and enable direct determination of the shear stress.
  • Pressure transducer also retained in the main rheometer barrel.
  • Independent ceramic heater provides temperature control.
  • Software module for capillary slot die test and data analysis.

Extended die with rectangular cross-section for mounting into barrel of Rosand RH7/10 capillary rheometers.

  • Three flush mounted pressure transducers along the slot length measure the pressure drop along the slot die and provide true shear stress data, without the need for Bagley correction to account for pressure drop at the die entrance.
  • From measurement of the true shear stress, the true shear viscosity can be calculated.
  • Slot dimensions can be changed by use of different inserts.
  • Dedicated ceramic heater provides temperature control of the slot die accessory.
If you need further details, or are unsure as to whether use of a slot die is appropriate for your measurement application, please contact Malvern for further advice.
Slot die inserts:
Available in the following widths: 0.5mm 0.75mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm
Slot die system:
Includes slot die assembly plus: 1 × slot die insert. 2 × additional pressure transducers. Ceramic heater and platinum resistance thermometer Flowmaster software module for slot die test and data analysis.